Capsule The Flag (Multi-User Media Spaces)

Over the course of 5 weeks in my Multi-User Media Spaces class, I worked with a group of 3 people to develop a networked multi-player turn-based strategy game entitled Capsule the Flag. In the Capsule the Flag, each player takes control of capsules which can be used to attack other capsules, occupy resource nodes to gain gold, and grab other player’s flags. When a player’s flag is brought to another player’s base and captured, that player is eliminated from the game. The game ends when there is only 1 flag remaining that has not been captured by an enemy capsule. In addition, at your main base, you may spend gold earned by occupying resource nodes to heal your capsules, spawn additional capsules, or “boost” your capsules (i.e. make them bigger, and give them more hit points and attack power). Each player plays on a separate computer, and the turn-based action is mirrored on each computer so each player can watch other players’ moves take place in real time. The game itself was made in Unity, with the client-server interaction being done with SmartFoxServer.

Link to full Capsule the Flag source code


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