Jetpack Jetpack Party (Game Graphics Programming)



Jetpack Jetpack Party was a game developed on a team of 5 for my graduate Game Graphics Programming class. The game was written in C++and DirectX, with the server being written in C# using the .NET socket framework. Jetpack Jetpack Party is a multi-player platforming racing game in which the players must make laps around the track, avoiding the walls, and conserving jetpack fuel. I was personally responsible for all of the networking code, including starting then game when all players are ready, updating the positions of players, and path prediction to predict where the players are going to be, based on each player’s latency to the server. Additionally, I worked on miscellaneous parts of the game engine, including the menu state system and game logic. However, networking this game was more or less a full-time role, so my work on this game revolves mostly around constructing the networking architecture and writing the code to keep all of the players in sync. I consider this game to be my first real-time networking project. Though challenging, I feel as though working on this game gave me a great idea of what it is like to tackle some of the challenges presented by a real-time networked game.


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